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my room~

With having a week off before qualifications, I found amble time to clean my room and organize.. so why not show it off. I really hate that I couldn't get high enough so I could take more or an ariel view, haha. That's alright though.

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Para Much?

Believe it ot not there is still DVDs and CDs I'm dying to have:
we love TechPara -mission style-
The Trapara
SUPER BEST TRANCE IV ( I had it, I sold it to the the lovely paralist,amina_yui, -who can para better than those girls in my opinion ^^;;- and now I miss it, haha )
Super Eurobeat Presents SEF Gold
ParaPara Hyper Best birthday is in December, people!! X3

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I am still debating to get a black mesh net and hang it of the ceiling in an angled fashion for all those stuffed animals...what do you think?

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The really sweet, baroness_lamia gave that lei to me *winks*

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My little bed ;~;

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Just some girly magazines... this isn't the whole lot X3. I'm really in love with that Gergeous Mook. It has amazing on the scalp braiding techniques. It also has guest photos of b-gyaru dreams Heartsdales, Dee Chika, Miho Brown, Wooh (Kamui), Luna, Aria and more!

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I don't even like boy bands... don't ask me why.. I just felt compelled to cut him up and make a slight college.I haven't the slightest idea of his name and I think he is in Kan...8 something? I just thought it would be fitting up there,haha.

...and that concludes the tour.. no this wasn't MTV's cribs and my room is to clean to be on room raiders.. so this post will have to do ^^;; thanks for stopping by!
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